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The Significance of Covid 19 Testing and its Implications

The year 2020 was crucial, and daily routine activities across the world were halted due to Coronavirus. In March 2020, WHO (World Health Organization) declared Covid-19 a pandemic as positive cases began to rise in every country. 

Being a respiratory viral disease, people were asked to wear masks, sanitize their hands, and maintain social distancing. The increase in the number of positive cases led to the closure of schools, airports, restaurants, and businesses. The implementation of Covid-19 protocols has helped to flatten the curve, but the experts expect that the virus will mutate and still cause harm. 

Since the time Covid-19 was declared a pandemic, nearly all the top pharmaceutical companies began to research and develop a vaccine to prevent a person from contracting the virus. Fortunately, by the end of the year, many successful tests and vaccines were deemed safe for people. Some of the popular vaccines that are successful in minimizing the harmful effects of Covid-19 are

  • Pfizer 
  • Moderna
  • AstraZeneca
  • Sputnik
  • Johnson & Johnson

Importance of Covid-19 Testing

The Coronavirus easily transmits from one infected person to another, which makes it dangerous. Many individuals may contract the virus, but the signs or symptoms may show gradually. Apart from staying indoors, wearing a mask, and social distancing, one important key factor is ‘early Covid_19 testing.’ Medical experts all around the world talk about the need for ‘testing’ to contain and mitigate the harmful effects of Covid-19.

We live in a fast-moving digital age where people have easy and fast access to information. The wide population can easily know about the signs, symptoms, testing, and vaccination with the help of the internet. The rapid innovation in digital technology has given way to modern applications that provide valuable covid test information online

When a viral disease spreads, the first response of the health officials is to start early testing and limit the spread. Early testing will result in fast detection, quick treatment, and effective isolation to contain the virus. If there is a positive result, then testing can also help identify who came in contact with the infected person and ask them to get tested. 

The administration of vaccination is mandatory in many countries and helps to flatten the curve, but the virus is mutating and still causing problems. Lifestyle and businesses are starting to see some semblance, but people still need to take every precaution. 

Without public awareness and lack of information, the number of positive cases will rise and overwhelm the public health sector. Last year, hospitals and health care sectors had a limited number of equipment and accessories to manage the Covid-19 positive patients. However, the number of testing options and vaccines has given the opportunity to manage many people. 

The Reasons for Getting a Covid-19 Test

There are different tests regarding Coronavirus, but the most important detects if a person has the novel Coronavirus or not. As the virus enters the bloodstream, it will reproduce and cause fever, cough, headache, and other symptoms. The immune system will fight the virus and release certain cells to counter the harmful effects of the virus. The key factor is the release of molecules called ‘antibodies’ to fight the virus. 

Once the immune system recognizes the virus, then it will be easier to treat it. When a person tests for the Covid-19, the result may turn up with disease-specific antibodies. The presence of antibodies means past exposure to the virus. When the infected person is out of danger, then the test information becomes valuable. 

The information about an individual contracting the virus and then feeling fine after treatment helps the health officials determine the population’s immunity level. If a large portion of the population becomes immune, it adds to the ‘herd immunity,’ which protects the community. However, testing is essential to determine the effects of Covid-19 and the immunity level of people. 

One common method is taking a specimen through a nose or throat swab that can detect the presence of the novel Coronavirus. The test is necessary if 

  • The healthcare provider believes you have signs and symptoms of Covid-19 
  • You live in an area that is seeing a high number of transmission and positive cases
  • There is a chance that you have come in close contact with a person infected with the virus

With the help of digital applications now you can get test results online. The test results are quite important if you wish to travel either domestically or internationally.  

The Various Types of Covid 19 Tests?

Apart from the 24-hour nasal swab test, other effective testing methods such as PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) and antibody testing. If the 24-hour test result is negative, you can board the airplane and fly to your destination. 

The PCR and antibody testing, on the other hand, is a comprehensive test and is valuable in 

  • Determining specific virus
  • Testing immunity level after infection of Coronavirus
  • Finding out the various virus infection and the effectiveness of vaccinations

The results of the Covid-19 testing will help the healthcare provider make the correct decision and limit the spread of the virus. If a positive result shows up, you need to quarantine and isolate yourself from your family and friends. Although quite rare, your positive result can be an inaccurate false positive. The healthcare provider can help to determine the care depending on your test results and symptoms. 

A negative test result may indicate the absence of Coronavirus, and the fever, cough, and flu may be due to some other illness. However, the false result may be a false negative result. A person can contract the novel Coronavirus, and it may not show up in the specimen sample. The test is key to detect not only active infection but also past infection and level of immunity. 


A positive early test can enable the person to quarantine and limit contact to prevent the virus from the spread. Nowadays, technology has made it easy to get a test and check the test results online. The improvement in lab equipment, and efficacy of vaccinations have reduced the risk of harmful effects of Covid-19. The viral swab and antibody test effectively determine the presence or absence of the Novel Coronavirus.

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