July 29, 2021


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The Solution To Covid-19 – A Vaccine: Has It been Effective As Required Yet?

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The Solution To Covid-19 – A Vaccine: Has It been Effective As Required Yet?

The Solution To Covid-19 – A Vaccine: Has It been Effective As Required Yet?

Unwanted Destructions as a Result of Covid-19 – A Global Pandemic that Got Out of Control within Sight

Probably none of us could ever forget the year 2020 when there were new hops, new resolutions, and new plans towards success opportunities at the start. But, we were never aware of God’s plans for us, and there was a whole new thing waiting for us while making us ready to face it without being aware of it or anything that could curb it. From the starting of January 2020 till Late April 2020, the Pandemic was situated on its verge. There was no visible solution to it other than losing our loved ones without doing anything practical or useful to save their lives while remaining within a socially-distant environment.

Believe it or not, every one of us had been into looking at the daily change in the cases that were being reported. We did not see it for knowledge, but we were eager towards it, hoping that we witness a decline in the rate and see the world progressing against this deadly virus. Our eyes were stuck on the healthcare organizations to hear a positive response for any cure they had been working on. Still, there was only a single sigh for relief available, yet under progress, a vaccine.

According to the findings of some of our valuable researchers at online essay writing service UK, it has been reported that viruses are only controllable through a positive vaccine. Otherwise, prevention could only control a small part of its flow within a close-environment, whereas the probability of success is still low in this situation. Hence, our researchers are also involved in finding the most suitable and relevant information to curb your frustration in this Pandemic.

The urgency for a Vaccine in Multiple Aspects

By the time this virus had crossed three months since its existence, it had made several destructions that most parts of the world had never witnessed in a whole decade. It might not have been this alarming if the deadly impacts had not included shortness of breath leading to ultimate death. Several researchers from the past came forward and compared Covid-19 Pandemic with other Pandemics developed during their lives, such as Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Influenza, etc. Perhaps, this was the only situation that had led everyone into great fear, whereas the main concern had been regarding the current position of the era. It took two and a half years to curb the spread of Influenza by proper medication and a reliable vaccine, but it also reflected ancient times’ incompetency. Today, everything has been associated with technological advancements; still, modern scientists had failed miserably, even in identifying a practical and relevant trait towards the cause. This further led to the declining hopes of the global population, and the fear of losing more lives continued while making it practically visible.

By the time more than a quarter of the year had passed, there were more deaths than the overall active cases, which meant that most of the population who contracted Covid-19 had been enforced towards ultimate demise due to no availability of an authentic solution. It indeed was a dark time when the global ventilators had run short while the global graveyards were filled with Covid-19 Cases. Nothing could be more painful than seeing the dead bodies of our loved ones being dumped instead of being buried to help curb the spread of the virus.

What took the Vaccine So Long?

Getting a vaccine ready, arranging for its supplies and giving out shots. No! It is not that easy. It takes years of research to develop an authentic vaccine as it can be more deadly than the virus itself. A vaccine increases the immunity of a person against a potential health hazard along with having multiple side-effects. Simultaneously, when we had been unable to trace the current Pandemic’s root cause, how could we stop it within a couple of months? Yet, as it became the top-most priority of every researcher worldwide, the vaccine entered its development and trial zone soon after, which reached its stage of the global announcement at the end of the year 2020.

The start of the new year 2021 had been a sigh of relief when different countries took the initiative to request for the vaccine and primarily provide the shots to the front-line medical workers first as their lives are the most at risk against Covid-19. Similarly, some countries have started vaccinating the aged population (Aged 65+) so that their immunity is not challenged ahead. It is believed that by the mid of 2021, a majority of the people will be vaccinated successfully, and the world will be entering a state of positivity.

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