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The Ugly Truth About Top 10 EMR Systems for Physicians in 2021

With their rising hype, EMRs have become a vital product for all clinical practices. Physicians like this digital transformation of administrative task handling as it improves their efficiency and productivity by real-time maintenance and all that. 

A robust system protects patient records, gives instant data accessibility, makes documentation and billing processes easier. That’s why medical professionals need to have an EMR system by their side to make better decisions for their patients. 

Even though the healthcare industry is flooded with EMR software systems, certain EMR vendors dominate the market by offering exceptional features. Let’s have a look at the top 10 dominating EMR software systems.

Epic Care

Epic Care ranks amongst top EMR pioneers and enjoys a long-standing reputation and massive customer base. Its best-suitable for large-scale practices is because it can effortlessly handle tons of workload daily with absolutely zero compromises in clinical efficiency. 

Physicians benefit from its peer-to-peer consultations, ICU monitoring, telecardiology, and predictive analysis features. Adding to it, Epic Care offers a cloud-based AI-embedded dashboard for a smooth patient care experience. It also provides sturdy tools for revenue cycle management and customer relationship management.

Price: Pricing is not provided by Epic Care, but you can request it on its official website. 

E-Clinical Works

eClinicalWorks is a privately held cloud-based EHR suited for solo practitioners and extensive medical facilities, thus scoring a sizeable market share. Patient engagement, telehealth, appointment scheduling, population health, reporting, and analytics are top-rated functionalities. 

With its help, clinicians can import patient reports, exchange data with other specialists, and track patient activity. eClinical Works’ unique virtual assistant, Eva, allows physicians to compare patient progress notes, view flow sheets, and account balance. Other than that, it features pharmacy integrations, lab communication, and inoperability.

Price: Staring cost of this EMR is $449/month.

Athena Health

Athena Health is a go-to for a full-fledged healthcare provider, and it caters to the needs of small to large-sized practices alike. It lets physicians get the most out of their practice by offering valuable tools and services to smoothly carry out all clinical processes. 

Athena Health works elegantly by simplifying patient encounters and in compliance with industry requirements. What makes it unique is its comprehensive mobile app. Its distinct features are custom-based reporting, medication list management, care planning, and clinical summaries. 

Price: Athena health EHR has not provided pricing details yet, but you can request a demo.

Advanced MD

Advanced MD is an easy-to-use software for physicians who don’t like to drill down into complex EMR systems. This versatile software is suitable for all medical professionals regardless of their specialty type because it offers dozens of customizable features. 

Its impressive features such as a detailed scheduling interface, integrated patient management, patient grooming, enable physicians to improve their patient care delivery. In addition, the Healthcare watch of Advanced MD provides timely alerts to patients with its healthcare analytics. 

Price: Advanced MD has not provided pricing details yet. 


There’s no better EMR Cerner for ambulatory practices. It is famous for its innovative capabilities aimed at spanning the continuum of care. Equipped with new tailored cloud-based tech, its in-depth commitment, and strategic planning lead to success by advancing patient care. 

Following industry protocols, Cerner integrates with healthcare providers and offers a secure data sharing channel to maintain patient confidentiality. Cerner’s client-care model put emphasizes patient-physician communication to improve patient engagement and provides training and support services.

Price: This EMR system costs $25/year. 


Allscripts allows practitioners to be up and running with its one-in-a-kind functionalities like efficient documentation and utmost flexibility. This distinctive EMR vendor is one of the top 10 EMR systems worldwide, offering a plethora of meaningful features that reduce the burden off physicians’ shoulders. 

It works by streamlining administrative tasks, maintaining professional life balance, and offering cost-effective physician-patient engagement functionalities. Featuring an array of customizable yet interconnected solutions, Allscripts boosts client satisfaction rates.

Price: Allscripts EMR has not provided its pricing plan yet. Contact them to get price-relevant information. 


Kareo is an on-premise integrated EHR vendor which primarily focuses on simplifying patient care processes for small to mid-scale practices. Bundled with RCM and practice management solutions, this affordable software acts as a one-stop-shop for providers who can’t go for expensive solutions. 

Its well-regarded features optimize healthcare practices in and out and help physicians achieve scalability. With Kareo, physicians cherish easy access to patient data anywhere, anytime, which helps in increasing patient satisfaction rates. 

Price: Kareo offers a starting price of $129/month.

Care Cloud

Giving physicians the ability to spot potential bottlenecks, Care Cloud is an industry-leading EMR system. It is explicitly designed for tracking patient flow to make clinical processes more efficient and productive. It comes with an impressive yet easy-to-use interface to help out physicians. 

Care Cloud EHR offers an end-to-end revenue cycle management solution to leverage financial tasks while focusing solely on mitigating operational risks. It is a perfect fit for practices looking to improve their patient influx and financial outcomes. 

Price: Pricing plans are not provided by this vendor. 

Practice Fusion

Even though this EMR is relatively new in the market, its unified services earned a long-standing reputation in a short span. It is best suited for small-scale practices and individual practitioners looking for a way to lessen their administrative burden to focus on patients keenly. 

From medical billing and appointment scheduling to task management and patient engagement, all its features are up-to-date. Its popularity is highly linked with its customizability and continuous support services. Besides that, it also offers intuitive charting templates.

Price: Starting cost of this EMR system is $149/month.

Greenway Health Entergy

Greenway Health is a privately held specialty-focus EMR suite featuring exclusive practice management, EHR, and revenue cycle management services. Being a dedicated solution, it offers a wide range of customizable and flexible features which enable physicians to endure a personalized experience. 

Primarily, it is inclined towards large medical practices and encompasses numerous shortcuts, which ultimately improves workflow by cutting costs and saving time. Additionally, physicians can get logical insights into their performance using its practice analytics service to discover their weak points. 

Price: This vendor has not provided pricing plans yet, but it offers a free trial. 

Hopefully, our list of the top best EMR vendors will help you in making an informed decision. But if you are still confused about this, get in touch with us, and we will connect you with the right EMR software systems that fit your practice requirements.

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