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Let’s Figure out the Therapeutic Effects of Coloring:

Artistic Coloring is known for its therapeutic effects. It is an easy and fun activity that has distracting powers. It is an exercise that is beneficial for kids and develops some good skills in adults.

·        Coloring Brings Back Wonderful Memories of Past:

Artistic coloring books for adults provide one with flashbacks of happy and joyful memories of childhood. It helps one to rejuvenate from the dull routine. It provides one with the memories that keep him active and refreshed.

Artistic Coloring offers one a delightful and unique experience that makes one feel like a child. It offers the same excitement, amusement, and fun to an individual as a kid enjoys during his childhood while coloring.

The difference between being a kid and an adult lies in the fact that a kid enjoys simple activities and attains simple joy from the smallest things. As coloring requires effort and skills, the results of coloring offer one a feel of inner admiration and appreciation. This makes one feel proud of his skills and talents.

As mentioned before, coloring takes back an adult to childhood. As he is transported back to childhood due to coloring, he feels the same relaxation as he used to enjoy in those stress-free and good old days of life.

The relaxation that comes due to coloring helps one think about life with a positive approach. This makes him energetic and removes all the negative vibes away. Coloring brings hope, peace, relaxation, and optimism to life.

·        Coloring Reduces Anxiety, Stress, and Depression:

Medical science reports that coloring reduces depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental health issues. Coloring affects the amygdala, the fear center of the brain. This activity relaxes the fear center and controls the levels of anxiety.

Coloring controls the mind by reducing negative thoughts and thus acts as a meditation. It also promotes quietness and mindfulness that offers rest to an individual who is constantly overthinking his mind. Coloring can, therefore, be adopted as a good time pass after long working hours.

In the near past, people have taken coloring as a new way of reducing stress. Psychology also believes in the healing power of coloring. According to modern psychology, one can easily relieve stress by engaging his mind in creative tasks like coloring.

When one uses an artistic and creative activity like coloring Mandalas, he forgets about the difficulties of life. When an individual is busy coloring, he stops the dialogue with his inner self. This also results in avoiding overthinking, which results in depression, stress, and anxiety.

Mandalas are geometrical forms that have complex or simple patterns inside a square or a circle. These geometrical forms were an important part of ancient architectural designs and were commonly used by different cultures. When a mandala is used in architecture designing, it represents wholeness, infinity, and an individual’s connection with the Divine power.

As we discuss adult coloring books, the Mandalas are the most commonly used patterns for them. The intricate patterns and complex designs help an individual pay all of his concentration and focus on coloring.

These patterns promote creativity and are thus used in coloring books to help individuals find the highest level of consciousness and artistic skills. Coloring keeps one away from his surroundings, and therefore, one can find his inner self better. This also helps them to identify their position in their world, and they can have a true picture of reality in their minds.

If you are afraid of your approaching deadlines or need a constant support system, you can rely on coloring to relieve your stress. Coloring is thus a perfect way to de-stress anything that has taken over your peace of mind.

One can make use of relaxed tunes and lighter music along with coloring books. This combination of colors and music keeps one away from negative thinking. Coloring reduces stress as one does not consider his/her performance bad as almost everyone is an expert in coloring since childhood. It makes one feel good about himself and thus promotes optimism and hope.

All of this results in reducing anxiety and increasing the self-esteem and self-confidence of an individual.

·        Coloring is a Therapy to Many Diseases:

Adults coloring books are an important part of many effective treatment plans. For example, a person who has Epilepsy can find a significant reduction in his disease by engaging himself in activities like coloring.

Coloring helps such patients by calming them down and offering them relaxation. This plays an important role in alleviating epileptic symptoms and attacks. One can gain easy control over the jerky movements of the hand by holding the color pencils tightly for longer durations.

·        Coloring Polishes Creative Skills:

The biggest advantage of coloring is one gets professionally skilled, and creativity is promoted on a larger scale. These enhanced creative skills can help an individual a lot in his professional and practical life too.

People who are regular in coloring activities develop some good picking and selection powers. This helps them to select a perfect theme of colors, might it be their wardrobe or furniture for their bedroom. Thus, one can have an attractive interior design for his home by making use of his creative skills due to coloring.

Coloring also helps one develop analytical and critical thinking. An individual also develops problem-solving skills because of his creative skills in coloring.

·        Coloring Acts as a Mental Exercise:

Artistic Coloring activates a single portion of the brain, but psychologists consider it a complete exercise of the entire brain. Coloring involves the working of both the brain’s hemispheres, and thus one can enjoy a full brain activity and workout.

An adult makes use of his aesthetic preferences and chooses colors wisely. This helps him utilize his creative side of the brain. The frontal lobe that induces concentration and focus is used widely while coloring.

An individual also makes use of his rational side of the brain that helps him develop motor skills. However, coloring is a simple task but involves the entire brain’s work.

Author’s Bio:

Tine James is an artist and works on artistic coloring books for adults for a long time. She loves to demonstrate the significance of such anti-stress activity for adults.

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