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Things to Consider When Buying a Wedding Ring

Jewelry purchasing never seems like an easy task, there are many things that you need to consider and wedding bands are no exception. Considering the latest wedding bands trends of 2021, you will need more than just the Jewelry buying basics. Because, the hot wedding ring styles of 2021 portray that most of the brides will be seen looking for a band that involves accent diamond setting, unique shapes, and on top of that mixing of metals.

Experimentation and going bold are the new wedding bands trends of 2021. When brides are looking for curved wedding bands, they will need commandments like the ones mentioned in this post, to make a wise purchase decision.

How to Narrow Down the Metal Choices?

You might be drooling over golden curved wedding bands that you feel will match the rest of your Jewelry sets, but your fiancé wants to purchase matching wedding bands in white gold as they will complement his silver watch. What will you do, compromise or find unique pieces for both of you? Well, don’t fret the idea should be to find the perfect blend of style suitable for both of you.

There are many options in matching wedding bands that feature braiding of two metals together. If you like you can invest in it or you can go with separate metal choices for your eternity wedding bands as there is no such rule to match the metal of your diamond wedding ring sets.

What Is the Average Weight of Your Wedding Ring?

The weight of your gemstone wedding bands would definitely be different than that of your friend who picked plain gold eternity wedding bands. The reason is obvious, the weight of a ring depends on few important things:

  • Band thickness
  • Bandwidth
  • Finger size
  • Gems or customization

Considering the above factors, you can find three categories of diamond wedding ring sets, i.e. light, medium, and heavyweight. Finding the right weight is essential to make an informed decision because weight is directly associated with the cost of the Jewelry. So, if you don’t want to opt-out of gemstone wedding bands just for the sake of the price, considering picking the right weight.

The average weight for a plain gold band would fall anywhere between 3.5 to 5.5 grams. A lightweight ring will have a depth or thickness gauge of 1.3mm which can go up to 1. 7mm in a medium weight ring and above 2mm in a heavyweight ring.

The depth of 1.7mm is the ideal weight for stackable wedding bands, whereas if you wish to purchase diamond wedding ring sets then consider the thick and heavy gauge of 2.1mm depth. Curved wedding bands or gemstone wedding bands that need a strong metal hold should be made in the heavyweight category. The thickness above 2mm is also ideal for male matching wedding bands.

How to Choose Between Comfort Fit and Standard Fit in Wedding Bands?

Before deciding which fit works for you, it is important to know the difference between the two. Comfort fits have rounded interiors whereas standard fit rings are entirely flat. The rounded interiors slide easily on the knuckles as compared to the classic fits. That doesn’t mean the standard fit is not comfortable to wear.

  • Everyday Wear: The wedding bands trends in 2021 show that couples are looking for pieces that they can flaunt with their everyday look. Moreover, for brides, the stackable wedding bands are one of the most dominating wedding ring styles in 2021. Couples want to customize the look of their bands as per their mood, preferences, and events. This means you will be looking for rings that you can put on and off regularly. In that case, buying a comfortable fit would be ideal for men because their knuckles are wider than females.
  • Perfect Sizing: However, perfect sizing can only be done with the standard fit. If you want perfect sizing then the standard fit is ideal and if you want a ring that glides smoothly over your knuckles then a comfortable fit is recommended.
  • Option for Resizing: Just imagine you followed the wedding ring styles of 2021 and bought beautiful diamond wedding ring sets with accent fixtures. And a few years later your favorite ring is not fitting anymore, you may wish to get it resized. Well, you can’t opt for resizing if you bought a comfort fit that is usually unalterable. On the other hand, if you picked gemstone wedding bands or eternity wedding bands in standard fit then rest assured they are easy to peg and resize.

Average Ring Weight for Gold and Platinum

Standard fit rings are usually heavier than comfort fit rings. Considering the metal choice, platinum is denser than gold. On average, a comfort fit ring in gold would weigh approx. 3 grams, whereas, if you want your stackable wedding bands in platinum, the average weight could be approx. 4.6 grams.

Final Thoughts

Following the wedding bands trends of 2021 is helpful to get an idea of what’s hot in the market. To make the final decision make sure you also consider the options of fit, depth, metal, and customization specifications.

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