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Tips On How To Keep Your Jewelry in Good Condition

Keep jewelry in good shape with quick steps.

We all have our favorite jewelry – hopefully, it’s a piece we like to wear on special occasions or what we wear every day. Caring for the jewel is not always a top priority, but it is important!

We approached one of the leading wholesalers of sterling silver jewelry, Desire Gem, to get some quick tips on wearing, storing, and cleaning jewelry to last you forever.

Check Your Jewelry Regularly:

Desire Gem recommends checking good jewelry every 3 to 6 months – you can bring them to us for inspection. Watch out for loose stone and curved points, and bring us the pieces if something is out of place. Jewelry should also be inspected after cleaning. Solid dirt can form between the stone and its tips, so the stone may disappear after cleaning.

Good Cleaner:

We are happy to clean your jewelry for you at a reasonable price. Although there are guides for self-help cleaning on the Internet, Desire Gem suggests that you go ahead and buy a class designed for your jewelry. But don’t forget to check the labels that the jewelry is okay to put on a cleaner. For example, “don’t let silver just sit in a silver jewelry cleaner,” says Desire Gem. “Soak it and wash it with water. Leaving it on for hours or days can turn black or discolor and damage it.”

Do not worry; Jewelers can fix most accidents when cleaning jewelry if it bothers you. And Desire Gem will check and clean fine jewelry. At Desire Gem, we use high-pressure steam and ultrasonic cleaners to remove hard-to-reach dirt. It is important to note that these machines cannot be used on silver or soft stones such as emeralds, turquoise, pearls, or opal.

Stock Items:

Decorative boxes can be stylish to display or store your jewelry, but they can cause serious damage. Storing different metals and stones together can lead to shocks, scratches, and even damage. Our experts recommend using a jewelry box with a pocket for each piece as an organizer. Look for extra protection for organizers with a range of unbreakable fabrics.

Care of Porous and Soft Stones:

Pearls are piles of the south, whether in earrings or long chains. However, semi-precious stones are extremely dangerous, and their soft outer casings can easily be transferred to many everyday cases.

Dirt can easily stick to the pearls, causing them to lose their luster. Pearls should only be lubricated with a soft cloth, such as gemstones, commonly sold at jewelry stores. Soaps and water as jewelry cleaners should never be used to clean pearls as they can damage the outer packaging.

And because pearls are usually tied with silk thread, there is no need to hang them, as this can stretch the side and cause an unwanted distance between the stones.

Soft stones, such as opals and hedges, should never be stored in dry places such as pearls. These stones need moisture and can break if placed in a dry place or sit in the sun for longer. “We have customers who bring pearls or opal heritage that lie in the safe and are damaged,” Desire Gem said.

Do Not Leave a Dead Watch On:

Top watches, especially for older people, need a lot of care. If the watch battery is depleted, replace it as soon as possible. The unworking watch can affect its ability to show time correctly. If you have an antique watch that needs a winder, we recommend asking a jeweler to do it for you.

Know When To Remove It:

“Generally, the jewelry should be the last thing you wear before you walk out the door and the first thing you take off when you return home,” says Desire Gem. And sometimes it doesn’t need to be worn.

Wearing jewelry during physical activity, such as lifting weights, gardening, cleaning, or swimming, can cause serious, sometimes irreversible, damage. Chlorine in swimming pools is known to contaminate silver. Weights can bend formless rings, and the chains can get caught during physical activity, causing the chains to break. Rings, the most popular piece of jewelry for both men and women, can be worn. Desire Gem recommends taking off the rings during sleep. “Wearing the rings for a long time causes bacteria to build up between the ring and the skin and cause a rash.”

Make Sure The Most Important Features:

Proper maintenance of good jewelry can help them become a legacy. Sometimes, however, even the highest level of attention is not enough. By securing the jewelry, you can return it in case of stone loss, damage, or theft of the jewelry.

Get a Professional Touch:

Professional cleaning is not the only service that jewelers offer. For new life, bring scratched objects or just little dull ones. Gold is a hearty meal, but it can be glamorous if the jeweler needs it. White gold, which has experienced golden bloodshed, can be replaced by rhodium. And if the crystal on your watch is scratched or the stone has disappeared from your favorite ring, we can replace the crystal or restore the stone.

If You Don’t Know, Ask:

Our jewelers are always happy to answer questions.

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