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Top 5 Android Tracking Apps

Android Tracking Apps are growing day by day, keeping pace with IOS and even computer software like Windows and Linux. Every other day, we can see a new update on our android phones, allowing us to access a new feature or perhaps a further aspect of using our phones.

One such new feature is called Android Tracking Technology. 

This is a technology where one can easily keep track of their phone’s location and even keep track of their loved one’s location for their safety and sudden emergencies.

So here we present the top 5 Android Tracking Apps that we can use:

1.  Glympse:

Glympse is an app that works on Android, IOS, and Blackberry that allows people to share their locations in real-time. The CEO and co-founder of this project, Bryan Trussel, has raised $20 million in institutional funding. 

With no signup and social network, we can share our locations via E-mail, Facebook, or Twitter. We can save the names of people we want to track.

His app also shows us where a person is headed and how much time is left for their estimated arrival. It is compatible with several Smartwatches of brands like Samsung and Apple watches. This app has a google play store rating of 4.1. We can see several good comments about this app on the play store pages. The customers having issues with the app are responded to by the developers showing us this company cares about its customer satisfaction. Overall, this is safe to use. All used to keep your loved ones on a watch for their safety.

2.  Google Maps:

 It is software from the drawers of google, a mapping platform and consumer application given by google. It offers satellite imagery, aerial photography, street maps, 360 degrees panoramic view of streets, real-time traffic conditions, and route planning for people traveling by cycles, bikes, motorcycles, cars, or feet. This software runs across continents with a wide range of functions except for Asian countries like Japan. 

This app is not for keeping track of family or loved ones but for sharing our real-lifetime location through various platforms. This app helps the person traveling and others who plan to visit that location. It is available in the Google play store and is compatible with smartwatches. It requires a sign-in with your Email IDs. 

One can also keep track of their physical fitness by using the features like counting steps that help them maintain track of their day-to-day travels. It also provides voice guidance so that we don’t have to look at our phones or vehicle screens while driving. It has a google play store rating of 4.3 stars, and any negative comment is dealt with by its proficient customer service that sees to the customer’s issues and works towards fixing them.

3.  GPS Phone Tracker And Mileage Tracker: 

This app is third on our list of android tracking apps. Coming from the drawers of ‘Family safety production,’ this app is about tracking the locations of the people you care about. The perspective this app offer is that a person cannot pick up calls every single time to tell you where he is. So rather than making calls, you can simply open the app and enter the name of the desired person you want to know the location. 

The interface will clearly show the distance the person has covered and the highest speed of their journey, which is given in miles per hour. This application also allows people to check on their mileage per the miles they have covered and the amount of fuel they consume. This app has a play store rating of 4.2, with the doubts of several people being solved by their customer service team. 

4. Google Family link: 

Dominating the list is yet another app from the drawers of google. As the app’s name suggests, this app is based on creating links between family members and establishing ground rules and parental controls. Through this app, parents can keep track of their children’s locations and limit that by assigning a domain outside which their google accounts will not log in. 

This app also allows the parents to regulate the amount of screen time their children spend on their mobile phones and their Chromebooks. Through it, we can also oversee children’s app store purchases, recommend to them content we want them to watch, and check their downloads. 

Overall, this app is an all-around parenting software helping parents who cannot be present with their children all the time and a sense of security. This app has a Play store rating of 4.1 and over 50+millions of downloads worldwide.

5.   FollowMee GPS Tracker

This app functions in a unique way. Downloading this app will convert your mobile device into a GPS tracking device. A new account must be created for a new user. Then we log in. 

Logging in to the FollowMee website will allow us to locate the device and see the location history. Selecting tracking mode will run the app. This app has an average Play store rating of 4.1. Also, check this important source about Call Tracking Software To Increase Your Sales In Business

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