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Trendsetters of Today – Moonstone and Opal Jewelry

As women of the new era, we love to stay ahead when it comes to fashion. Be it clothing fashion, footwear fashion, or jewelry fashion, staying updated on the freshly introduced ways of pampering ourselves is our birthright. While talking about jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry is the new trend of current scenarios. People cherish the colorful vibes of a wide variety of crystals and stack them in the form of pendants, rings, bracelets, etc. If you also hold the same love for Jewelry fashion as us, let us introduce you to today’s trendsetters – Moonstone and Opal Jewelry.

These two crystals have set a new definition of fashion in the world of jewelry. You might have seen tons of trends that came like a whiff of air and puffed away just like that. Instead, Opal and Moonstone Crystals have introduced the culture of evergreen accessories that remain classic today. Investing in such beauty is worth every penny and will make a great decision. So, what makes them so unique from other colorful crystals? Let’s dive in to know more.

Opal Gemstone – The Queen of Gems

Real Opal Crystal is famous by the name “Queen of Gems” for its incomparable beauty, which you can’t find in any other gem. But, if you have also imagined keeping a rainbow for yourself just like us, would you believe if we said that you can now do that with Opal Gemstone?

Opal Rings and other accessories are adorned worldwide for their picturesque beauty that reflects a rainbow full of colors. It also comes in a vast range of colors and variety, each holding different properties. Once you interact with an Opal Crystal, you get plenty of options to choose from. This allows its wearer to experiment with its style and look according to itself. You can also say that there exists an Opal for everyone.

Also, it is an October Birthstone, which makes Opal Jewelry ideal to gift it to an October baby. Apart from this, it has intense healing vibes that are not just restricted to the October-born babies but to everyone who wears it with pure intentions. Thus, people love to cherish this astonishing beauty.

June Birthstone – Moonstone

Real Moonstone Crystal is a powerful gem that is long associated with the magical powers of the moon. It is considered to be as ancient as the moon itself and has been shrouded in mystery for a long time. Its lunatic glow that appears like the moonlight falling on still water has left many jewelry enthusiasts awe-struck. In addition, it shows mesmerizing Schiller effect, which is also termed ‘Adularescence.’ This creates a stunning blue sheen all over the surface of the crystal that is worth every penny. Because of this, Moonstone Jewelry has become one of the most trending accessories over time.

It is also believed to possess Moon Magic that affects its wearer in multiple ways. Offering soothing energy calms down its owner naturally and fills her with positive vibes. Wearing Moonstone Ring can help a person enhance intuition, and psychic abilities, boost confidence, and cure various anger issues. Ideally, it is beneficial for the people with creative jobs like musicians, artists, writers, poets, etc. These uncountable benefits have provided ample benefits to their owner in multiple ways.


Both Opal and Moonstone are unique in their own ways. Yet, they both receive tremendous love and fame from various jewelry lovers. Explore the most elegant designs of Opal and Moonstone Jewelry studded with good quality material like pure 925 sterling silver. This will help increase the durability of your favorite crystal jewelry, and you will be able to enjoy it to the fullest. Have a happy shopping!

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