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The Ultimate 12-Step Morning Routine for A Good Morning Everyday

Every second of every day is significant because the golden time is running fast. Sometimes, you tend to forget to value it because your daily cycle is the same old, inefficient pattern you’ve been keeping for years now. If you can relate to that, then you definitely need a change. For a better, every day, a better life, and a better appreciation towards these start off by revising your morning routine.

Mornings are very important because they open each day. It’s best for them to be good so that you can expect that the whole day sets off and works well, or if not so that you can be positive regardless of circumstances. It’s true that your lack of motivation or progress within a day might be the result of not having a good morning. Because mornings launch each new day, they have a huge impact on your whole day and on your whole life too. 

Everyone wants to get rid of wasted time and idle lifestyles. You can do that by improving and correcting what you do the moment you wake up. To help you with that, below are worthwhile tips you should never miss. Find out the ultimate 12-step morning routine for a good morning every day and how you can own it! Read on, apply and share!

1 – Get up when the alarm rings.

Pexels - home lifestyle bedroom clock

The very first obstacle in the morning is… *you’ve guessed it right* getting up from your bed. It’s nothing surprising because waking up from a nice sleep and getting up from that magnet-like bed of yours is both never easy. That’s unless you’re an incredible morning person. However, for most people, especially those who stay up late at night, this is really a challenge.

Do you know what makes rising in the morning more difficult? It’s your habit of tapping the snooze button on your alarm clock. A lot of people get victimized by their own selves after saying half-awake that they’ll just get 5 more minutes of sleep. Before they know it, an hour has already passed, and they’re still tucked up on their soft bed. Of course, you understand the feeling because you’ve been there, and you’ve done that! And you’ve regretted it a lot of times too. 

Kick-off the day by not giving a chance for the snooze button to get activated! Immediately get up when the alarm rings. Avoid bargaining for “just” a few more minutes of sleep. Accept the fact that the sun already rose and so must you. The moment you open your eyes will be filled with temptations of shutting them again for a little while, but don’t give in! When you overcome that first hitch in the morning, you’re off to an amazing day! No regrets too! 

2 – Start your day with a prayer.

Pexels - home lifestyle bedroom pray

You just woke up. You’re alive and breathing perfectly fine. That’s the biggest blessing in everyday life. It’s a miracle that deserves your constant gratitude. 

Start your day with a prayer. Don’t forget to thank God for the gift of life that He has given. There may be some hurdles at times, but He remains faithful in every heartbeat He lends you. 

Another morning is another blessing. Another sunrise is another chance to do better and be happier than yesterday. Be glad and grateful. 

3 – Fix your bed.

Pexels - home lifestyle bedroom

Being organized allows you to manage your things and activities in a more advantageous way. In the morning, unleash this valuable skill by fixing your bed. 

Fold the blankets. Stack the pillows. Tidy up your room. This makes it an official getting up! There’s no turning back because the bed is already arranged neatly, and it doesn’t feel right to ruin it again by sleeping again.  

4 – Avoid checking social media as soon as you wake up.

Pexels - home study book

Social media is very useful today. You don’t get outdated of the latest news and trends when you’re active on various social media platforms. By checking your Facebook and Twitter timelines, you can instantly get information about people and topics you follow hot off the press. Thanks to social media, you’re always updated! 

Nonetheless, it cannot also be denied that social media is one of the hindrances of having a productive morning. Why? Because when you thought you’d been simply checking out Facebook for a minute, you’ve actually been scrolling up and down for almost an hour. 

Avoid checking any of your social media accounts as soon as you wake up. There are other times for that, but just don’t let the morning be that hour! Instead of being energized and prepared for some action for the day, you’ll feel lazy, and you’ll waste a lot of time because of early social media usage. 

What’s more, there are negative things and news that your feed may show you.  Sad news will make you sad. Shocking information will overwhelm you. Fearful reports can disturb you. The sight of them will affect your mood and mind. You won’t achieve a good morning with that!     

5 – Don’t turn on the TV too.

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Aside from your gadgets, your television can delay your morning progress. Especially when an interesting drama starts, it can be tempting to just sit there early in the morning to see how the story unfolds. Don’t turn on the TV if you haven’t done your morning essentials yet. Prioritize them before entertainment in the morning.  

6 – Greet your family a good morning!

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Each sunup is another sign of being able to live your life and to love the people dear to you. It’s a new day to rejoice for and to be a better version of yourself. Spread the love at home. Share good morning vibes. Leave no space for arguments and stress. Greet your family a good morning! All of you are alive and healthy, so every waking day is truly precious. 

7 – Exercise.

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Being physically inactive is one of the toughest enemies of productivity. Exercise in the morning to loosen up and prepare yourself for a whole day of work, school, or house chores! Whatever you’re planning to do for the day, a good morning exercise is an entryway for enthusiasm and attentiveness. 

Use your exercise equipment, and enjoy a home exercise in your own crib! Well, even if you don’t have exercise equipment, you can sweat off through jogging outdoors, stretching, and doing dance exercises. A 24-hour-open gym near you can also be your favorite place in the morning!  

8 – Hydrate.

Pexels - health water

At any hour of the day, hydrating yourself is indispensable. Drink plenty of water, not only after exercising but from time to time. Upon waking up, make sure to drink water. It helps increase and enhance oxygen flow in your brain, which makes you awake and alert. You can prevent acid reflux if you do this first before your daily dose of morning coffee. Before consuming any beverage and eating any meal, drink your water, sweetie!   

9 – Eat your healthy breakfast. 

Pexels - food

When you’re in a hurry for work or school, you tend to eliminate one or more things in your morning routine. Often, people give up their breakfast because they say they can eat later. However, know that skipping breakfast is a bad habit. 

Eat your healthy breakfast in the morning because it heightens your energy levels and vitalizes your brain. You can concentrate well, move fast, work effectively and interact nicely when your tummy is full and fine. Some meals can be set aside for some very important reasons, but breakfast isn’t one of them.

10 – Take a bath early.

Pexels - home bathroom

One of the things that a lot of people are too lazy to do is take a bath, especially when it’s cold. That’s why some don’t, and some do it late. Anytime you choose to do them, baths are refreshing, but to be geared up for the day, take a bath early in the morning. 

Doing so will awaken your sleepy and weary body. You’ll be alerted that it’s time for action and no drowsiness. What’s more, if there will be unexpected visitors at home or unexpected needs to go outside, you’ll be snappy because you have already freshened up and are ready to dress up and go. 

11 – Write your to-do list, and stick to it.

Pexels - lifestyle

Achieve something or some things today! What could they be? Take note of them. Write your to-do list, so you can decide the time and duration by which you’ll perform them. This list serves as your reminder that you have goals to accomplish today, thus, you can’t be procrastinative. 

After writing your to-do list, stick to it. Although this checklist helps in motivating you and in monitoring your tasks, it won’t help you unless you really execute them. 

12 – Look forward to a good day!

Pexels - morning sunrise

Last but not the least, switch on a positive mindset for a good morning. Refuse the negative thoughts. Welcome happiness and brightness. Let your worries and uncertainties go. Don’t let toxic people hamper you. Rather, use them as an inspiration to fight and to overcome. 

A new day is smiling at you, so smile back at it too. Look forward to a good day! In words, in thoughts, in deeds, search for goodness in it! 



Although a bad morning doesn’t automatically mean a bad day, it would still be best to prefer having a good morning! A good morning can make a tremendous difference in how you perceive and live life. It can make you a better person from the littlest to the biggest of ways!

Sometimes, it’s your lifestyle and decisions early in the morning that lead you to have an indolent and fruitless day. Come on! Modify your morning habits. Get up on your feet, and shake off the unhelpful morning practices you have. Spend good mornings, and share them with others by developing a healthful morning routine!



Nicole Ann Pore

Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host, and a voice-over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She also writes for Fitbiz Exercise Equipment, an excellent source of the ultimate fitness equipment collections in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University-Manila, the Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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