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Use YouTube to its Fullest Potential knowing these Tricks

Whether you love binge-watching YouTube videos or are a content creator/promoter, these YouTube tricks and tips will help you get the most out of the platform. Keep scrolling for a more enjoyable YouTube experience.

Custom Subscribe Buttons

Bespoke subscribe buttons can help grow your channel subscriptions. A youtube subscribe button is much like a branding watermark, and it can help you stand out from the rest. It would be best if you created the button before adding it, and the square image must be in GIF or PNG format. It must have a minimum of 150 X 150 pixels and a maximum size of one MB. It is recommended by the platform that creators use one or two colours when creating this button, and it must have a transparent background.

To create a personalized subscribe button, sign in to YouTube Studio > select Settings > select Channel > select Branding > select Choose Image and upload the image you would like to use as your branding watermark > choose the display time for the branding watermark. You can select the entire video or use a custom time > click to Save the changes.

Deactivate Restricted Mode

The Restricted Mode on YouTube is an automated algorithm that helps to filter out content not suitable for the younger audience. While it is a good idea to turn on this feature if children use the platform, it can prevent you from accessing content you want to watch. So, you may wonder how to disable Restricted Mode on YouTube. You can open the app, go to Settings, click General and click Restricted Mode to disable it.

Blur Objects/Faces in Videos

If you want to cover up a logo or face or wish to add artistic effect, you can use the platform’s feature that allows you to add blur. It doesn’t matter whether the object is moving or static. You can log in to YouTube Studio > choose Videos > click the video you would want to edit > choose Editor > click Add Blur > click Edit next to Custom blurring > hover over the video and click Pause > click and drag the box to adjust the blur > click Done and then click Save.

You can also blur faces by selecting the video and then selecting Editor. Then, click next to the Blur Faces option and click Edit. Next, click the thumbnails of the faces you want to blur, and then click Save.

Set the Default Video Quality

Adjust the settings on the platform to watch all the videos at the highest quality. Click your profile icon to adjust the settings, then click the YouTube gear icon. As you enter YouTube Account Settings, choose Playback and select Always Choose the Best Quality for My Connection and Player Size.

If YouTube videos need to buffer or you have a slow Internet connection, you can choose the I Have a Slow Connection. Never Play Higher-quality Video option.

Auto-Replay Videos

It is possible to get obsessed with a YouTube video. Maybe it’s a song you love and want to hear again and again. Instead of clicking replay when the video ends, you can instruct the platform to replay the video as soon as it ends automatically.

Right-click on the video you wish to auto-replay and select Loop from the menu. Until you uncheck the box again, the video will keep replaying.

Bypass Regional Restrictions

Some YouTube videos have restrictions and might not play on specific devices or in certain regions. These restrictions can be bypassed by changing the URL entered in the address bar. For instance, you must copy the video ID in the URL and erase everything after the .com/. Then, add “v/<id>,” and the URL should open the video in full screen when this is done.

Share Videos that Start at a Particular Time

Do you want to share a YouTube video that starts from a specific point? If so, you can achieve this by following a few simple steps. First, you can pause the video you want to share at the point from where you want the others to start watching it. Then, right-click on the video screen, and on the menu that appears, select Copy video URL at the current time. When you share the link, it will open the video starting from a particular time.

The Bottom Line

YouTube is the largest video-watching and creating a platform in the world. You can start your YouTube channel and grow your audience, or you can watch and find entertainment from the videos uploaded by others. Whether you are a viewer or a content creator, the hacks mentioned above will help you get the most out of the platform. Then, you can use YouTube to its fullest potential and show your newfound knowledge to your friends or colleagues.

How many of the hacks mentioned here were you already aware of?

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