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How Virtual Receptionists Help Your Business on a Tight Budget

It is quite remarkable to receive a high volume of calls from customers who are interested in buying your products or services. However, some of them might be complaints, but virtual receptionists know how to snatch every opportunity to create an amazing experience.

If you are a small business and making calls yourself, you might miss out on many prospects. You would wish to get a receptionist, but your budget does not allow you that.

Fortunately, you can hire a receptionist even on a tight budget. And we do not mean automated phone handling systems by it. A virtual assistant business, like DOS, provides you with a real human receptionist with all of the necessary abilities and traits for a very affordable price.

So, let’s take a look at how VR will help your company at an affordable cost:

The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Receptionist: 

A VR assists your brand significantly more than an AI solution, especially in terms of customer service. We all like to have that sense of personal touch, even during the most basic communication between a rep and customer. A virtual agent delivers on that in the most seamless way.

Moreover, we will go through some of the tangible pros of having a live person greeting your callers, leads, and prospects and communicating on your behalf. It is okay even if that VR is representing your company from afar. It does not matter as long as you are reaping fruitful results.

1. Virtual Assistant Services Give a Complete Experience: 

Many people who succeed at business growth and other aspects are less than stellar when it comes to answering phone calls. So, if you are one of them, a VR could be a massive help to your business. Your virtual receptionist will take every incoming call, cater to the customer, make them feel at ease, inquire about the issue, and quickly send the caller to the concerned department. So, a VR is effective in maintaining a workflow.

Today, the location of a VR is of minimal importance. A local call can be taken anywhere and transferred to any other number thanks to advanced technology. Also, virtual receptionists often have natural accents when conversing in English. So, your callers will not even realize their call is being routed through another nation. Moreover, you will also find VRs who are proficient in multilingual support, so no matter where your caller is from, they will assist you in every way.

The world is using modern approaches, and many are unconcerned about where their calls are received as long as they have a positive experience.

2. Be Active 24/7 for Your Customers: 

You also get live phone answering services around the clock by engaging one or more virtual assistants who work from another country. If your brand operates online and serves customers from all over the world, this is a huge edge for you.

Moreover, you can hire a VR that works in a time zone where they can work a day shift during your overnight business hours. Your callers will never have to go through an automated menu to acquire the required information. Also, you will not have to pay an extra salary for night duty.

With a bit of direction, a VR will be able to handle all your calls as if they are a part of your in-house team. However, in any case, if an outsourced agent does not contain the needed info, they will note down the query. Moreover, they assure the caller that they will receive the response within a certain period. They share the same with your brand so that you can attend it within business hours.

Having two or max three virtual receptionists working as a team can provide global coverage for your brand 24/7. In addition, it will allow you and your local employees to focus on calls that require a particular individual’s attention.

3. Inexpensive Approach to Salaried In-House Team: 

As per research, employees are often productive for a little more than three hours per day. As a result, it is possible that a full-time receptionist, for whom you would be paying for eight hours, would waste a substantial portion of that time unproductively.

When all costs and perks are factored together, hiring a virtual receptionist for four hours per day might cost as little as 80% less than hiring an employee to do the same job. You will not have as many overhead costs to worry about with a VR. Moreover, you will save space in your workplace, which you can put to other use.

How to Find a Reliable VR? 

Instead of answering your inbound calls yourself or installing an automated call handling system, consider hiring one or more VRs to save time and money while enhancing the user experience. However, you need to find the best BPO company to find professional help. For instance, DOS is a company that offers the most reliable virtual receptionist services. They have affordable pricing plans, and you can also test their services with a free trial option.

There are a few options for locating and hiring a VR to assist your brand. One option is to begin searching for qualified freelancers, which will consume time and effort. You might find the person you are looking for within the first few online profiles. But it is not usually that simple, and the search can be tedious.

On the other hand, you may contact a firm that hires virtual assistants and places them in a centralized area to work as a team. This team is supervised by managers and has access to business-level tools and training. Again, DOS is one company that specializes in this area.

The Bottom Line: 

Your business needs a team of virtual receptionists to lead the market in the most effortless manner. Outsourcing will save you a lot of money while making every process so smooth. You do not need to stay active around the clock as these VRs are present 24/7. From multilingual support to round-the-clock availability, you will have everything under one umbrella. So, hire the best VRs to get the finest results within your tight budget bracket.

Thank you for reading our blog. We hope it helped you in making an informed decision.

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