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Web Design Courses Part 1 – Where to Go and What to Do

Thinking of taking web design courses in London but feel a bit bewildered; well you have come to the right place. This article will consider the choices available to you and analyze each of their pros and cons. However, what is ideal for someone else might not be ideal for you. When deciding what avenue to pursue, have a long think about your availability and financial position before committing to a course. The three options available to you are 1) independent learning 2) a university course or 3) a course from either a higher college or web design company.

Independent Learning

The simple way to get your foot through the door would be to do your own independent learning. Since we live in such a resourceful age, you can easily find books, magazines, and website links on how to begin. YouTube is also an option. Simply type in ‘web design tutorial’ and you will be engulfed by a wealth of videos from other beginners to industry professionals. Learning how to design websites could not come much easier than that.

Advantages of Independent Learning

+ A convenient and cost-efficient approach

+ A quick £17.90 purchase on Amazon (£18.84 from WH Smith) or a free video clip will get you started right away

Disadvantages of Independent Learning

– No professional to offer help with things you don’t understand

– Potentially counterproductive; if you hit a stumbling stock, you may be unable to carry on learning

– Have to be self-motivated

University Degree

Universities are chalked full of IT courses; some offer straight web design degrees, while others offer IT degrees that include specific modules. For example, the University of Northampton has a large list of joint web design degrees with other subjects. With a University degree, you will have an array of books and other useful resources to aid you in your studies.

Advantages of University degrees

+ A wealth of knowledge (both practical and theory-based)

+ A platform to participate in several projects that will improve your web design skills

+ Learning from highly educated tutors from a variety of backgrounds

+ Degree or master’s qualification

Disadvantages of University degrees

– Not as straightforward as a short course or independent learning

– Need to have the required qualifications for the degree or masters

– Time to learn and study (3 years for undergraduate or 1 year for postgraduate)

– Applying for a student loan to cover your tuition fees and accommodation or transport expenses (depending on if you plan to commute or live on campus)

– Time management if you intend to work while completing your degree

– Some of the projects you work on maybe tedious

Web Design Courses

If you’re looking for the best of both worlds (the freedom of independent learning and the expertise of a University degree) then a course at either a web design company or higher education college might suit you. Whether you’re a beginner with no coding background or a professional looking to gain more control over their business website; you will be able to learn something new. A simple Google search will bring several courses situated around London. Generally speaking, this is my best bet for learning.

Advantages of courses

+ Comprehensive training from professionals who speak the language

+ Courses are designed to suit each individual

+ If you feel you need to learn more, you can always take another course to further your knowledge

+ Learn as fast or slow as you like with a trainer on hand to help

+ A combination of degree professionalism and independent learning flexibility

Disadvantages of courses

– Upfront payment

– You have to attend all the lessons (either weekend or evening) to gain your certificate or qualification

– Some of your free time may be lost whilst participating in the course

Here are some useful links:

Do you agree or disagree? What was your experience? Let me know what you think and please include any information you feel I have left out. Also, look out for the second installment of this article which focuses on educational institutions and affordable web design agency.

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