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Which is the Most Accurate Website Traffic Estimator


Competitor’s websites help us comprehend the various verticals of marketing. Utilizing tools for traffic estimation, it is easy to discover competitors’ SEO and traffic strategies.

The issue is the most suitable website traffic estimator and competitor research tool. There are many website traffic estimators to choose from, ranging all of them free. However, they may not give accurate data.

To help you select the most effective website traffic estimator or competition research tools, we’ve selected the top website traffic estimation tools to test.

The tools on this list allow you to discover your competition’s traffic and gain more valuable data like the traffic of your competitors, organic profiles, backlinks, PPC keywords, etc. So, without further delay, let’s begin by reviewing this list.

What are Traffic Estimators?

Web traffic estimates tools can be employed to look at every website to determine where visitors come from and what they do on the site and an abundance of other data that will provide you with an understanding of the sources of visitors to a particular website.

Similar Web

One of the sites that provide any information about competitor traffic free of charge is Similar Web offers information about websites, apps, and platforms.

For essential purposes, this website is straightforward to use. Type the URL for the website to the “Analyse any Website or App” box located at the top of the page.

It is possible to look at basic statistics such as which countries are the most frequent visitors to the site and how many people have been in the past few months. Bounce rate, page views per visit, and the average length of the visit are also listed.

The tool to compare websites is quite helpful. It allows you to compare sites side-by-side using this feature, removing the requirement to switch two screens. Similar Web lets users access up to three months of web traffic information, one month of data from mobile apps, and five metrics each month, all at no cost. Premium features are available as an upgrade and include experts who can be consulted and up to 28 years of data.


Quantcast is an audience-informed (AI) powered tool with a minimal set of data and greater precision. It uses computer-driven web analysis to deliver more accurate data for the user or the client. 

Their AI software Q is among the biggest platforms for understanding audience behavior (as stated on their website), which allows them to have greater insight into the measurement of content, profile, and audience and campaign reports.

Apart from demographic and engaging public studies, Quantcast offers a complete toolset for marketing and consulting regarding the price or advertisement of products at no cost. Additional assistance with marketing strategies and methods is suggested to be provided directly by the user to provide a more custom-designed and precise analysis.


Semrush is the first all-in-one SEO tool with an extensive competitor research module. In addition, Semrush also offers other SEO tools, including -the ability to conduct keywords research and backlinks, SEO site audit services, and the right tool to conduct PPC research.

The competitor research module is a part of Semrush. And it’s an efficient module that gives you detailed insights into competitors’ websites. To begin conducting competitor research, it is necessary to go through the interface, type in the URL of your competitor, then click”SEARCH.

You now have access to detailed information like the domain overview and study of the traffic backlink research, and more. All of the metrics and data are pr in graphic formats, making it simple to understand.

Alexa (Website Traffic Estimator)

Alexa is an Amazon marketing stack which is also the one that appears most popular appearing name.  Used in traffic calculator applications.

Despite being a well-known brand, Alexa has a rigorous free access service to provide. It is instead of charging around $79 per month to subscribe. Additionally, it utilizes tools beyond the global ranking, country ranking, and graphical analyses of demographics available at no cost.

As time has passed, Alexa has reduced its free offerings and is now the preferred choice of an elite section. However, newer or smaller webmasters tend to initially utilize more free services than paid options. Therefore, Alexa is among the most recent and well-known marketing software products available from Amazon.


Serpstat provides a variety of unique SEO services such as content Marketing Ideation, Reports, Infographics, and API tools.

Content Marketing Ideation works by finding queries that users seek answers to through databases searches. Giving the correct answers to the most often asked queries will bring more users to your site. After you have answered those questions, you can enter keywords related to your topic to increase clicks from search engines.

For business owners who don’t have the time to do the analysis themselves, Serpstat offers Infographics and Reports. A simple Dashboard displays your current projects, the history of queries clicks, and the overall performance on one screen. Data Visualization and White Label Report aid in creating reports and communicating data to business and employer partners.

Serpstat’s API is user-friendly for developers providing daily rankings and competitor analysis and position-tracking and keyword-research information. Directly into your report systems. Serpstat gives you the ease of access that busy users require to efficiently manage their websites and provide top-quality information.


These traffic estimation websites sync with their features, with paid ones providing more than the free ones.

For those new to the field, free resources can be sufficient to start. If you require an estimate of the traffic to your website, It could take just five minutes to gather the information that will help you expand your reach & improve marketing. 

Comparing your company to other companies in your local area or similar ones in other parts of the globe can provide powerful leverage to help businesses grow.

If you’re ready to use an estimate of the traffic to your website and you’re looking for one, we’ve got a great list of resources to use right here. Have fun!

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