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What does a Wheel Repair Specialist do?

A wheel repair specialist is someone who can repair, machine, or modify various types of vehicle wheels. The specific services offered by a wheel repair specialist may vary, but generally, the specialist is able to deal with

  • bends,
  • cracks,
  • dents,
  • misalignments,
  • and other types of damage to a wheel

Some specialists focus exclusively on aluminum alloy rims, others on any type of rim. In some cases, it is possible that a wheel cannot be attached, so that a wheel specialist may be able to manufacture a new wheel suitable for the remaining wheels.

Much of the work of a wheel repair specialist will be cosmetic work. Alloy wheels can be scuffed, bent, or scuffed by various road debris, as well as impact with curbs or other obstacles.

The wheel repair specialist can come to the site to repair the wheel or ask the customer to go to a wheel repair shop. It usually depends on the extent of the damage to the wheel. In either case, the specialist will assess the damage and make recommendations on the best course of action for the repair.

The types of repairs can vary widely in complexity and cost. Simple nicks or scratches can be corrected quite easily, while deeper nicks or scratches may require a complete finish.

If a complete finish is required, it is likely that the wheel repair specialist will need to remove the wheel from the vehicle in order to remove the tire and use a variety of tools to remove scratches and scuffs.

The design of the wheel can also dictate the complexity of the job; some wheels have spokes, two-piece construction, or various features that can complicate the finish job. If this is the case, the wheel will have to be removed and the repair time may be extended.

Curved wheels can usually be repaired easily, but they require the wheel to be removed from the vehicle. The wheel repair specialist will heat the wheel to the appropriate temperature and use various tools to perform a series of small bends.

The straightness of the wheel can then be checked and bent again if necessary. This process must be carried out in a controlled environment that can provide a consistently high temperature, which means that bent wheels generally cannot be adequately repaired on site. It is possible that very small curves can be processed in the field, but this is generally not recommended.

Damaged alloy wheels can contrarily influence your vehicle’s presentation notwithstanding its appearance. We are the principal organization to perceive the requirement for excellent, protected, off-the-vehicle wheel fix. Trust the wellbeing and dependability of Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists.

Our Wheel Services include:

  • Wheel Refinishing

Complete fix to wheels that have surface scratches, consumption or stripping clear coat on the wheel face, lip and spokes. Wheels are taken out from the vehicle, cleaned, fixed, prepared, painted, and clear coated utilizing licensed paint attachment innovation. OEM-endorsed paint is shading coordinated to each wheel before the fix.

  • Wheel Straightening

Complete and safe fixing fix to wheels that are twisted or out-of-round in the front or back barrel. Wheels are eliminated from the vehicle, cleaned, investigated for breaks, and fixed utilizing safe fixing measures.

Curves include: outspread twists on the inboard and detachable spine, non-auxiliary sidelong twists, twists causing perilous vibrations, and twists the reason air misfortune. 

  • Custom Coloring

Give your vehicle an entirely different look with our custom shading administration. We’ll take your wheels off your vehicle, eliminate your tires and paint or powder coat them to your preferred shade.

Shading alternatives incorporate level or sparkle dark, hyper silver (gunmetal), strong tones, vehicle shading coordinating, painted wheel pockets, and then some. An ideal method to give your vehicle a “restricted release” look.

  • Wheel Remanufacturing Services

Our remanufacturing services is the favored answer for wheels with broad harm or wheels that have uncommon completions. Services incorporate welding, CNC machining, powder covering, and vibratory cleaning.

Fixes are finished in full wheel remanufacturing focuses situated all through the US and Canada.

  • OEM Replacement Wheels

OEM wheels that have serious harm or considered dangerous to fix can be supplanted with our stock of OEM substitution wheels.

We approach a great many wheels from new and elusive makes and models. Internet requesting accessible through our in-house OEM Wheel Sales office.

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