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What is a JPG Format Image?

As a computer user, you have to know all those things which help to understand your use of the computer in the proper way. Same things for the using purpose of files because we see there are lots of types of files and their names differ from one another.

So, you have to use lots of formatted files when you are operating a computer for yourself. Therefore, you have to know about them properly to make the proper use of your proper needs of you.

We use lots of types of images in our day-to-day life to share something with friends and also for professional purposes. Hence, we have to know about different types of image formats so that we pick the right one for the right uses.

JPG format image

For personal uses, you may not think a lot about the image format but for professional and commercial uses you have to know about them properly. When you are going to use images for commercial websites or for any eCommerce platform you have to have proper knowledge about them.

JPG is a type of image format that can allow you to hold millions of color combinations in your photos. Side by side these formatted images are well web-friendly and therefore, people use JPG photos for their commercial purposes. JPG formatted images take low space and help to get the first preview on the websites. Hence, all website owners use JPG format images.

It’s a type of image-taking format which helps to get compatible photo versions to make their proper uses on the websites and for these formatted photos, websites don’t take too much time to load a full preview of the photos.

What is JPEG?

JPEG is the short form of Joint Photographic Experts Group which is a coding format of images. While you are optimizing photos you can make the changes to the photo format which will allow you to make such changes in their preview backend coding. This is a type of still photo which has millions of color codes in it.

This is a type of Lightweight space-consuming image coding allowing the first mood preview system in the web pages.

Difference between JPG and JPEG

People may think that there may be lots of differences between JPG and JPEG as their names are not the same. Well, this is not what people think about them. Both the JPG and the JPEG are the same format for the images.

You may ask why then their names don’t match? Well, the name JPG is the letter skipping look of JPEG and both are the same in their quality.

Previously, the old model operating systems had the facility to show 3 letters of extension name in their filename. Therefore, you may see the file name save after JPG. Now in the modern computer with windows 8, windows 10, or Mac, you will see to save the extension with the full name of JPEG.

How to change the background in a JPG format image?

If you want to change the background on any JPG format image then you have to take the help of any photo editing software. Side by side, for the professional and commercial uses of the photos people now need the help of photo editing so that they can easily modify their photos to ensure certain and unique uses of their photos.

To make changes in the JPG format image you have to follow the below things

  • Photo editing software
  • Photo editing skills

Let’s know more about them to get a proper understanding of the process of changing the background.

Photo editing software

First of all, you have to install the software so that you can manage to make all kinds of photo editing on that. There is some professional software which can help you to make all the changes to the photos you want.

Here goes the list of photo editing software. You just need to download the perfect one for your use.

  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe Photoshop Express Editor
  • GIMP
  • Canva
  • Lightroom
  • Ashampoo

If you are a beginner then Adobe Photoshop CC will be the best one to make yourself a professional.

Photo editing skills

You have to learn about photo editing and then you can do what you want to do with your photo. There you want to change the background on the JPG format image therefore, we are going to give you a short step-by-step method to do it.

Follow the steps properly to remove the background or to change the background from the photo that you want.


Install your preferred photo editing software and bring your selected photo to the photo editing software. We suggest using Adobe Photoshop CC which is the best software to make photo editing


Select the pen tool from the toolbar and start pointing out the main subject of the photo. Keep pointing the edge and whole photo and finish your pointing at the starting point.


Now select the background which you want to remove and delete that one from the software. This is the time to exchange the background that you want. Replace your preferred background with the old one.


Save the background and replace the photo with a JPG extension to get lightweight photo output so that you can make easy use of those photos on the websites.

Importance of hiring an expert in this case

If you don’t think that you can manage to replace or remove the photo background try to take help from any professional clipping path service provider. They will help you to get all types of photo editing.

Here we are going to list out the benefits and the importance of hiring any experts so that you can easily understand the needs.

  • You will get professional editing
  • Well formatted photo file
  • You will have a PSD formatted file
  • Lucrative looking in the photo

Therefore, if you want the best output for your photos and to get JPG formatted photos with the lowest possible weight you can go for hiring the expert one.

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