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What is E-Commerce? What is e-Business? Compare E-Commerce and E-Business

E-Commerce is one of the issues of concern for many businesses today. With the development of the Internet as of now, the phrase “E-Commerce” is gradually developing and quite popular for small and medium enterprises, possessing the ability to maximize profits and many other valuable benefits. So, what is E-Commerce? Website E-Commerce benefit to the ability of the business to sell?

1- What is E-Commerce?

Definition of E-commerce in the digital age.

E-Commerce (e-commerce) is the definition referring to the activities of buying and selling products/services on the internet, namely the website. E-Commerce activities can occur in a business relationship with each other (B2B) or business-customer (B2C).

1.1- 2 main factors that make up E-Commerce

E-Commerce is made up of 2 basic components:

Online shopping (Online shopping): Including all essential information distributed to customers, providing reasonable shopping methods. This definition also includes consumer product & procurement censorship.

Online purchasing: A collection of all technological infrastructures for data transfer to serving the shopping needs on the Internet. This is based on systems that support the online shopping process and operate smoothly.

In the period of strong industry 4.0, the E-Commerce trend is becoming more and more popular, and gradually reshaping the shopping habits of users today. With E-Commerce, they can refer to countless shopping options without having to visit all these stores.

1.2- E-Commerce classification by audience group

E-commerce classification.

E-commerce includes many types and is classified by an object.

Based on the target audience of buyers and sellers, E-Commerce can be classified like this:

B2B model (Business to Business): This is a business relationship between businesses, specifically including companies, enterprises, and agencies. This behavior of buying and selling on the Internet is similar to meeting face to face … For example, a company website providing medical equipment A sells 1,000 boxes of medical masks to B hospital …

B2C (Business to Consumer): Instead of selling to other businesses, companies can sell directly to end-users (end users). People call this the business relationship between businesses and customers on the Internet. For example, Lotteria receives orders to buy students’ fried chicken from the sales app …

C2C (Consumer To Consumer): Some buying and selling intermediaries receive goods from companies/businesses to resell to end-users on the Internet. It is the buying and selling relationship between users.

1.3 – Big E-Commerce companies in the world

The following is a summary of the 10 largest E-Commerce companies worldwide today, which have a strong impact on the current shopping trend. All of these E-Commerce companies are highly reputable, specializing in buying and selling high-quality products at affordable prices. Many users have been extremely satisfied with owning good items through these E-Commerce companies.


Taobao is leading the E-Commerce market in China in particular and the world in general. The “darling” of Alibaba Group has more than 500 million users worldwide.

Coming to Taobao, you have the ability to own many high-quality products such as jewelry, fashion, shoes … However, the delivery of goods from Taobao to Vietnam is not simple. Therefore, the Chinese import service Vo Minh Thien will be a very good suggestion if you want to buy goods here but can not go to China.


With a long life span in the E-Commerce market, Amazon has always held a leading position in the hearts of online shopping customers. Easy-to-use interface, quick payment with various methods, and many great promotions are Amazon’s remarkable advantages.

With Amazon, you can own many products at a reasonable price with a fast delivery time.


As one of the great American websites, Walmart specializes in selling all kinds of home appliances – electronics and many other items such as office fashion, sports, and handmade crafts … Walmart often gives customers Promotions, and shipping incentives extremely attractive on special occasions. In addition, Walmart’s website has a user-friendly interface to support the maximum customer experience.


eBay is one of the favored E-Commerce platforms in the world. This e-commerce website not only offers buyers a variety of products but also dedicated support for the seller of products that can do business online in the best way. eBay helps merchants update product/service content and multiple product images for better seller tracking.

eBay usually offers promotions on special occasions like Black Friday, Christmas …


Although not really famous as the 4 brands mentioned above, Target is still one of the pretty great E-Commerce websites for everyone. With Target, you not only have access to a wide range of products at reasonable prices but also support free delivery. Target allows you to register for an account so you can buy more preferential goods.


Alibaba is a well-known E-Commerce platform in Asia in particular and the world in general, helping to connect users and suppliers together to create a healthy and reputable online shopping environment. Products sold on Alibaba are reasonably priced and offered by leading suppliers. In addition, Alibaba also supports fast online payment, and superfast delivery to help you own the product immediately.


Starting out in India and gradually developing throughout Asia, Flipkart has gone from a bookstore brand to a major E-Commerce platform with products such as fashion, mobile devices, and electronics … Flipkart allows sellers to recommend products, support buyers to leave comments about products, and services of suppliers.


NewEgg is an E-Commerce platform specializing in trading all kinds of electronic devices such as computers, laptops, and smartphones … In addition, NewEgg also sells software such as video editing, education, and web programming … Up to now, on the NewEgg website, there are nearly 4 million different technology products for customers to choose freely.


Overstock is an E-Commerce website famous for products such as fashion, furniture, jewelry, cars … The products sold at Overstock are of excellent quality and reasonable price. In addition, the fast delivery policy is also a strength that this e-commerce platform brings.

Best Buy

If you often watch TV, you may know this Best Buy brand. Not only famous on TV, but Best Buy also operates E-Commerce extremely bustling with the latest electronic products every day. Besides business, Best Buy also supports the installation and repair of equipment for its customers after purchase.

2- What is E-Business? Difference between E-Commerce and E-Business

E-Business is an online business process of businesses, including logistics management, online purchasing process, customer care on the Internet, and Marketing through Affiliate (for …) Looking back at the E-Commerce concept above, we can clearly see that E-Commerce is just a small concept in the “big pool” of E-Business.

E-Business allows businesses to use information technology to conduct business on the Internet in order to promote the online business process more effectively in each stage. E-Business can be visualized through 3 processes:

  • Production of finished products, derived from product ordering, inventory, and electronic payment with suppliers.
  • Promotion of customers, derived from the deployment of sales, online marketing; order processing, and customer care on Internet platforms.
  • Business management, including training for employees and bonus and commission policies to promote sales and marketing forces to operate more effectively. The popularizing business solution model will make business efficiency increase more than ever.

3- The role of E-Commerce and E-Business in business

Both E-Commerce and E-Business are two important definitions that are mutually reinforcing in the online business process. More specifically, businesses deploying E-Business take advantage of E-Commerce to maximize sales, and promote profitability in the long run, and E-Commerce is an important weapon for the E-Business process to create. value for both business and their customers. An effective E-Business operation will help E-Commerce deploy more conveniently, in order to bring the highest value to customers and call them to pay more for businesses.

Conclusion on E-Commerce

To maximize profits, businesses can not only rely on external sales but also take advantage of E-Commerce to reach as many users as possible. We hope that through this article, businesses will better understand the importance of E-Commerce for your business direction, thereby creating the best powerful eCommerce solution for your business.

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