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What is Visa How to Get it [Know it 2020]

Before embarking on a trip. It is essential to inform yourself in advance about the guidelines on visas, passports, and necessary vaccinations related to the country of destination. The waiting times required to obtain an entry visa can be very long, but for this reason. It is important to move in time. But, how can you get a visa online for your next trip? Who should you contact? Let’s see together the main doubts relating to visas.

Important data relating to tourist visas

What is the visa?

The entry visa is an authorization granted to foreign travelers to be able to enter a country for tourism or for other reasons. Such as study or work, for a certain period of time and for certain purposes.

Are all entry visas the same?

As for the policy with regard to visas, the orach country follows separate legislation. Some nations issue visas to specific categories of travelers: tourist visas, work visas, visas for journalists; they can issue a single visa for a single entry into the country, or for multiple entries. The procedures and the costs vary depending on the country.

How to know if you need a visa?

When organizing your trip, try to collect as much information about the country where you will travel. Among these, you will need to verify whether or not you need to apply for an entry visa. Consult the Tourist Office and the Embassy of the country you will visit. There you will find the most up-to-date information related to the mandatory documentation to apply for a visa. It is possible to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Viaggiare Sicuri, or agencies specialized in issuing visas.

What information is needed to obtain a visa online?

The information that is usually required to obtain the visa is the basic personal data: name, surname, date of birth, profession, date of departure, and date of return. This information must normally be entered in a form. Often downloadable directly from the website of the Embassy of the country you intend to visit. In some cases, it will be necessary to enter a reference address. In this case, it will be sufficient to enter one of the hotels where you will be staying for the first night.

You may need to include it with your passport photo request. Further details about your trip and any travel you intend to make in the country, information about your health status. They prove that you have enough money for the duration of your stay as well as proof of possessing a plane ticket that will take you home. Finally, in order to obtain a visa, you will have to pay a fee for a consular fee.

The complexity of prat ic depends on the travel destination, for example, to be able to travel to China are advised to apply for a visa two months and a half before departure. As opposed to going to Australia simply filling out an online form.

How to get a visa online

In general, the application to obtain an entry visa for the country of destination can be made online, by post, or in person at the Embassy or Consulate. There are countries that issue visas on arrival after filling out a form and paying a fee at the airport of entry. For this reason, before leaving, check carefully what are the procedures for issuing the visa by the country of destination.

In which country is it compulsory to travel with insurance?

As we have seen there are P AESI that allow entry into its territory only after taking. Travel insurance with covers medical assistance and repatriation. For some citizens, they are the nations belonging to the S change area  (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, and Switzerland),  Cuba or  Russia. In these cases, before organizing the trip, it is  It is necessary to take out health insurance which, in addition to covering medical expenses, also provides for any repatriation or transfer.

Remember that, for any type of information relating to your trip. You can always consult the Viaggiare Sicuri website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as offer useful travel advice for the chosen destination. It is a guide on health, passports, and visas. You will find useful tips about local rules and conventions, as well as important information on currency and transfers.

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