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What to Look for in a Furniture Store in Downtown Toronto for Your Condo?

A condo has limited space, and people living in condo units face a typical challenge. A typical challenge that condo unit owners face is how they can maximize their space while placing furniture in it. Buying large furniture items for a condo is never a solution for condo unit owners to maximize their space. Nevertheless, they have the option to buy multifunctional furniture from a furniture store in Downtown Toronto for a condo. Additionally, they should buy multifunctional furniture for a condo that accommodates their lifestyle. Multifunctional furniture items are not only attractive and worldly but also ideal for making a whole condo look functional.

Multifunctional Furniture Items to Consider and Buy for a Condo

You can find a wide range of multifunctional furniture items in furniture stores. Nonetheless, the following multifunctional furniture pieces are worth considering for furnishing condos:

Hardwood Dresser Table:

Hardwood dresser table is a classic furniture item to save space in a condo. You can easily fold it, which makes it a decluttering furniture item. It also has drawers for storing items, such as make-up, jewelry, and personal items. By the same token, a hardwood dress table is an ideal furniture item for women who own a condo unit. 

Library Table:

A library table is another useful furniture item for a condo due to the remote arrangements of schools and offices. You can use a library table as a desk over and above a dining table. Usually, a library table features wood as its material, and you will find it in the round and rectangular shapes. Condo unit owners can use a library table as a workspace for work. You can also use this handy furniture item for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Fold-up Dining Set:

Fold-up dining set is an ideal furniture item for small kitchens because you can easily detach and store it. You can also utilize fold-up dining set for recreational activities and having casual parties with friends. Moreover, bringing this multifunctional furniture item into your condo can make your kitchen space look spacious.

Storage Ottoman:

Storage Ottoman is a stool that features mahogany or synthetic wood as its material. You cannot only enhance the appearance and ambiance of your condo with this item but also use it for storage. You can easily lift this furniture item to store items in it. Besides, you can completely exploit it as a chair, side table, or footstool. Furthermore, condo unit owners can use it as a footrest to relax after a long and tiring day. You can also buy storage Ottoman from online furniture stores, such as Buona Furniture.

Sofa Bed:

A sofa bed is one of the most well-admired furniture items amongst condo unit owners due to its usefulness. You cannot only comfortably lounge and relax in it but also convert it into a laid-back sleeping space. You may utilize this furniture for guests and when you need a bed for a family member for an overnight stay.

Rolling Storage Containers:

Condo unit owners may purchase rolling storage containers for a condo from a furniture store in Downtown Toronto. Rolling storage containers can easily fit under a bed and come with a bin that converts as a bedside table. You can enjoy quick snacks at midnight while utilizing the bin as a bedside table. Plus, condo unit owners can utilize the bin for storage to keep their space tidy and free of clutter.

Wall-Mounted Desk with Shelves:

Condo unit owners want to have ample space to accomplish their work with a work-from-home setup. A hanging desk with shelves is an ideal solution for them to get that set up in their small space. A wall-mounted desk with shelves comes with multiple shelves or compartments for storage purposes. Condo unit owners can close or push the desk back once they finish their work.

Murphy Bed:

The Murphy bed is a space-saving multifunctional furniture item that is fairly expensive yet very practical. You can free up space in small rooms to create an illusion of a large space via this multifunctional furniture piece. You can fold it up into a wall or a closet.

Hanging Mirrors with Storage:

A hanging mirror with shelves is a useful furniture item to get additional light and store your essentials. You may store items such as a hairbrush, perfume, skin creams, and accessories on the shelves of this furniture piece. 

Multipurpose Closet:

A full-length wardrobe can save enough space in a condo, specifically one with a mirror. A multipurpose closet with a mirror can have spacious shelves which are appropriate for condo living. You can use them to store multiple items, such as clothing, shoes, and other essentials.


Equipping your condo unit with furniture is challenging; nevertheless, you can meet this challenge via multifunctional furniture items. Condo unit owners should invest in multifunctional furniture items for their condo units from a furniture store in Downtown Toronto. Here are multifunctional furniture items that they may consider and buy for a condo suiting their lifestyle:

  1. Hardwood Dress Table
  2. Library Table
  3. Fold-up Dining Set
  4. Storage Ottoman
  5. Sofa Bed
  6. Rolling Storage Containers
  7. Wall-Mounted Desk with Shelves
  8. Murphy Bed
  9. Hanging Mirrors with Storage
  10. Multipurpose Closet

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