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Why Are Brass Catchers Or Bullet Casing Catching Nets Banned?

If you are into shooting, you might be familiar with a problem. You need to pick up the fired shells after a shooting session which can be very annoying and wastes a lot of time.

But what if I told you that you don’t need to do that anymore?

Humans have always worked hard to facilitate their lives in any way possible. It is only natural that we have done something to solve this problem as well. That’s right because we have invented a tool to make shell picking easier.

This invention is the Brass Catcher. It is an extension that you can attach to your shooting weapon. Once you fire the bullet, the shell goes into the catcher or the net. The design allows it to catch the shells or redirect them to the desired place.

Now, brass catchers come in various shapes and sizes. They can also differ in the material that makes them. Also, they have some qualities that determine what are the best brass catchers for you to buy. You need to buy the one that is not only convenient but also does the job well.

More About Brass Catchers

As I have mentioned earlier, brass catchers can be very handy. They save you the trouble of picking them up. Brass catchers also save you quite a lot of time. However, this is not the only purpose they serve.

Most people like to collect their bullet casings so that they can reuse them. Thus, by catching all of the casings in a net or a catcher, you can save up quite a bit of money. Not to mention, you can greatly reduce the inconvenience of having bullet casings fly off.

Advantages Of Using Brass Catchers

There are many pros of using bullet casing catchers with your firearm. Some of these are:

  • It is easier to clean up the surrounding area after a shooting session.
  • Brass casings can be harmful to natural ecosystems. So, you might not want to leave them around.
  • For some weapons, the casings can fly off over a large distance. This might be problematic for any bystanders since the casings are very hot.
  • The flying casings can be very distracting and can break your focus.
  • They prevent any sort of damage to the casings. So, you can use brass catchers over and over again.

Why Are Brass Catchers Banned?

There are many advantages of using brass catchers. However, their use is illegal in many countries according to certain laws.

You might wonder why that is?

In truth, there isn’t much of an explanation to it that might make sense. However, there are still some things that might explain why this is the case.

1- Prevention Of Leaving Behind An Evidence

Consider for a moment that someone uses a weapon to commit a crime. This can be a simple robbery or an act of terrorism. Now, if the casings come out of the weapon, forensics can use them to find out the culprits.

However, the brass catcher catches all the bullet casings. Thus, helping the criminal to leave no evidence behind.

2- Dangerous In Some Situations

The brass catcher can affect the performance of a weapon if not attached properly. Thus, the firearm can become more dangerous than it already is. There is another situation that makes the firearm dangerous.

This is that the brass casings weigh their own. So, if the catcher catches casings over a prolonged time, it can become heavy. Since you attach the catcher to your weapon, this can alter its balance and make it heavier on one side.

This will dull your aim and you might shoot at some unintended place. I don’t even need to tell you the dangers of that.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

Brass catchers can have a lot of uses. But at the same time, they are illegal to use as they might aid criminal activities. They can also increase the lethality of your firearms as I have explained in the article. However, this does not mean that you cannot use them.

This is because, as I mentioned, they are not illegal everywhere. In some countries, you can use them if you have a license for them. So, make sure that you get a license for their use first. Then use them all you want to enjoy the many benefits these small nets provide.

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