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Why are people using Virtual Reality for Exercise Purposes?

During the pandemic days, when people are either voluntarily or forcefully lockdown. In these boring days, people are going in depression and stress for obvious reasons; people are not allowed to visit an office, grocery, and socialize. Even the gyms are closed in the COVI-19 crisis. People are missing their exercise days – and fitness is vital for such people.

In that context, virtual reality can play a great role in diminishing your depression and stress, and your exercise resumes once again.

Role of Virtual Reality

Imagine putting a ski-mask like VR headset on your eyes drop into a virtual landscape where you can play games, watch movies, and your exercise continues. There are sensors to track your body, hand and head gestures while you punch your opponents – as you do in Creed: Rise to Glory.
Besides, you will find plenty of best VR games for fitness that enables you to entertain and exercise homogenously.

VR fitness affect

On websites like Reddit, it focuses on your physical and mental health – while sharing the benefits of virtual reality, especially in the novel coronavirus. Usually, people don’t have a habit of doing trouble exercises. If you speak to VR enthusiasts, they will share with you the impact of VR on your physical and mental health. Many people have indeed lost their weight with VR fitness games.

Though many factors are included in weight loss, people also diet, along with playing VR fitness games. However, the fact is your mental health only affect positively due to VR games because mental fitness has nothing to do with your diet except, you’re not taking any addictive substance.

VR replacing workout

Many people find conventional exercise boring. They want something fresh and new to maintain their fitness. Here is virtual reality for such people to keep fit and enjoy the activity. Many experts suggest that VR is an alternative to traditional training. There are centers training people for VR fitness games. It is filled with fun and recreation.

Some people don’t like an exercise in either form, however. They enjoy playing video games. VR can become the best for them because idly playing game increase lethargy. With VR, video game lover will maintain their health as well.

Virtual reality blocks your real word and takes you to the virtual world where you, while playing the game, do exercise in the flow of the game. It’s a niche gaming console, with thousands of people have become an admirer. The fitness element is enabling people to pick the console. Here we have explained some of the significant parts of VR before you start.

• Get an excellent headset
Whether you’re planning to exercise at home or sighting to expand your existing exercise routine with an aerobic workout, consider buying an excellent headset for your virtual reality. As a tech-savvy, I have tested plenty of VR headsets, and Oculus Quest is the best cost you around $450-$480. Besides it, you will find Sony PlayStation, HTC Vive Cosmos and much more. It depends on you which one do you prefer to buy.

The Quest is always a priority for the people buying for a workout because it has the most powerful traits while playing games and it’s cordless. So, there will be no cable for you to fall while playing a game. Oculus is a Facebook-owned virtual reality headset. And I would suggest you take trails on different VR and purchase the best one.

• Buy the right games
All the games are not for fitness VR. There is a game called Beat Saber, which allows you to swing lightsabers through the series of blocks, flying in the air. Then you have a game called Guitar Hero. With that, you play a few songs and realize that how much you will sweat after a certain amount of time.
There are ways to expand your energy while playing VR games – Kern lab measures the energy level. If you play Beat Saber, you are likely to burn 6-8 calories per minute. Then boxing games in VR is the top category for fitness. It typically burns 8-10 calories per minute.

Before you buy any game, read the description carefully to see the activity level of the game. Games that enable you to play for a low level give you more control, and lengthy activity increases. Irrespective of what game you choose, it’s important to get committed to it. And you will notice fast results.

• Fun matters the most
As mentioned earlier, boxing games the fastest way to burn your calories. But Creed: Rise to Glory and Beat Saber are also a good fitness game for a quick workout.

An expert in VR fitness game stated that enjoyment, along with exercise, increases the intensity of playing games on VR. In addition, people workout 9% harder in VR because of the increase in motivation. Since exercise is no more a burden for them, it has become a fun activity. It is an essential reason why people are encouraged to move towards VR if they have an interest in video games.

If you’re planning to switch towards VR, make sure you pick the game that you regularly choose to play for exercise. Please don’t care about the calories you burn; stick to it sincerely for the sake of fitness.

• Add accessories
If you’re want to do complete workout through VR – you need few accessories. A certified trainer for VR games told that you could ensure enough increase in heart rate like an effective workout. It will allow you to count reliable calorie burn. There are also built-in calorie trackers in many VR games.

Furthermore, weight vest and ankle weights that are needed for VR workouts. Yoga, Pilates, and weight training also complement VR fitness games. Many people join weight-lifting training many times a week and then exercise at home with VR tools.

It’s recommended to buy another accessory called a disposable mask. There is a VR headset, which contains a foam face pad, and it is soaked with sweat. Especially if people borrow your headset, it’s better to buy masks for your hygiene.

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