April 22, 2021


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Be Quirkly guidelines for guest authors. If you want to contribute to Be Quirkly, give it a try by creating a unique article and submitting it according to the guidelines below.

For each article you submit, we will publish a short “Author Bio” section at the end of every article. In that section, you can introduce yourself as the author of the post. In your author bio, you are welcome to add links to your Website, Facebook profile, Twitter profile & LinkedIn profile. But please note, your links will appear as Do-Follow links.

Article Submission Guidelines

Using the following instructions is crucial for getting your article(s) approved quickly. Please check all points thoroughly before submitting your article(s).

Topic – Lifestyle, Entertainment, Health, Fitness, Restaurants, Travel, Technology, Fashion, Automobile or else, you can also share what you have to say. Check if it has already been covered on the blog. If so, give it a different angle.

  • “Article” should be fresh and 100% Unique. It should pass the Copyscape Premium test. “Article” should be informational. We cannot accept any promotional articles.
  • “Article Title” should NOT longer than 70 characters (including spaces & special characters).
  • “Article Body” should contain at least 800 to 1000 words. We are only accepting an article with 800 to 1000 words.
  • “Article Body” may contain one or more relevant external links within it. But we cannot guarantee you that we will publish those links. Our moderators will review the links, and if they find suitable, then they will post those links. Otherwise, they can remove those links from the article. Please note, in general cases, all links appear with a No-Follow tag.
  • If we find that the topic of your submitted article is totally identical with one of our previously published articles, our moderator may republish the old article by adding the unmatched and new content from your article. We will also add your author bio at the end of the edited article.
  • You are allowed to suggest up to 5 Tags/Keywords for the article.
  • Using “Images” (article related) in the article body is highly recommended. But please make sure the width of any image should NOT exceed 660 pixels. Images should be in “*.JPEG“, “*.JPG“, “*.PNG” or “*.GIF” format. No animated images, please.
  • Along with the article, please do not forget to send us the “Author Information” like “Author Name“, “Short Author Bio” and “Author’s Website URL“. You can also send links to your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn profiles. The guidelines are written below.
  • “Author Name” should NOT exceed 25 characters (including spaces).
  • “Short Author Bio” should NOT exceed 50 words.
  • “Author’s Website URL” – This is a No-Follow link. This link will display along with the author’s bio. Please make sure this link is NOT related to any adult, drug, casino, gambling, illegal or similar website. Please DO NOT add your website URL in a Keyword Targeting anchor text. Use your website name or domain name for the anchor text. Also, if you have already added any of your website links in the article body section and if our moderator approves that link, then we will NOT PUBLISH your link in the author bio section.
  • Except for the “Author’s Website URL“, you can also send links to your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn profiles.
  • You can send the article(s) in “*.DOC“, “*.DOCX“, “*.TXT” or “*.RTF” format.
  • Once your article is approved and published on our website, you CAN NOT be able to Re-Publish the same article on any other website or blog. If we disapprove of your article and not publish it on our site, then you can post it to any other website or blog.
  • It will take around 1 working days to process the article for publication. So, you need to be patient.
  • Before sending your article, please make sure to read and accept all the guidelines mentioned above. Because, once we approve and publish your article, there is no option to take it back. So, if you think any of the above guidelines are not fulfilling your requirement, please DO NOT submit your article.

Submit Your Article:

If you are interested to publish your article on our site, please send your inquiry to bequirkly@gmail.com to obtain a publication slot in our queue. Once the slot is allocated to you, please send your article. Please ensure your e-mail should contain the following:

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