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What exactly is Xbox Resolver

Xbox Resolver allows you to resolve Xbox Gamer tags, and find gamers’ Xbox Live IP addresses. It resolves an IP address and converts it to the correct gamer tag.

This works exactly like DNS. Each domain’s IP address is translated by the internet browser. A central database server is required to provide access to all Xbox usernames.

Microsoft, however, denies anyone access to the database’s sensitive data. Therefore, certain gamer tag issues cannot be resolved. They have however created a database of millions of gamer labels that can be resolved with the assistance of two coders.

Xbox Resolver

Xbox resolver

The xresolver is a new, better application that offers many benefits. You will most likely be persuaded to add a spot in your phone for it. These are:

  • The app makes it easy to see your activity stream.
  • They make it convenient for their customers, allowing them to talk and socialize with each other using this program.
  • Users may arrange parties and store their Game DVR videos.
  • It’s now easier to browse One Guide with the help of our Xbox Resolver.
  • They made it easier for consumers to use the app as a remote-controlling device.

Xbox Feature List

Xbox Feature List

Some of the features available in Xbox Resolver are listed below.

  • Resolvers Gamer tag & PSN Usernames

There are Xbox and PlayStation solvers. Xbox users can resolve their gamer tags to an IP address, while PlayStation users can resolve their usernames to an IP address. Their resolver boasts one of the most important benefits: they have millions on their database of gamer tag usernames.

  • IP Lookup based on Location

This service will allow you to access all data associated to an IP address. The IP addresses provided by internet service companies provide all necessary information.

You will be provided with this information via a Premium service. Enter your IP address and click on “Lookup” to locate the relevant information.

  • Logger for IP addresses

IP Logger is a tool that allows you to create customized URLs, which you can then send to individuals to gain their IP addresses.

These URLs could be used to access your entire IP address, IP geo information, and information regarding the browser or device. They will also allow you to identify incognito.

  • Username Checker for PSN

This is a nice bonus for PlayStation lovers. You can verify if a username has been made available with the PlayStation Username Checker.

To avoid having to walk backward, allow you to verify that the username you are looking for is available.

  • Storage of IP Addresses

This tool will help to organize and store IP addresses securely. The saved IPs will then be displayed on the same page. Premium users have unlimited access to IPs while free users have 25.

Adding IP Address to Blacklist:

Blacklisting, a feature that makes it impossible for people to use resolver to resolve Usernames or gamer tags, is unique. Your data will be kept safe from their scrapers, databases, and other activities if you buy a Blacklist.

How does one install and get the Xbox resolver installed?

  • These instructions will help you to find the Xbox solver.
  • First, check out the official xresolver Xbox webpage
  • You’ll see the download option at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on the “Download” button and wait for it to download.
  • After the download is complete you can open the file.
  • After clicking the Install button click the Finish button.
  • You may start the program once it has been installed.


What is Xbox Resolver?

Xbox Resolver is a website that converts gamer names and usernames from Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation into a readable Ip format.

Who’s the creator of Xbox Resolver.

Octopus Developments’ Xbox Resolver is an Octosniff project.

Your IP address is public information, which can be retrieved via a variety of different techniques. However, it is against the law to use an Xbox resolver on a gaming platform to cause harm.

Can you unsubscribe me from Xbox Resolver?

Yes, Xbox Resolver allows you to unsubscribe. To be removed from their database, go to the blacklist.

What is the best way to get IPS on the Xbox/PlayStation?

Xbox Resolver makes it easy to pull IPs. Simply visit the website and you can do so in seconds.

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