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Why does YouTube keep pausing?

Youtube can be a great place to learn, connect, and be entertained. However, anyone who uses Youtube knows that there are moments when it seems like the video stops playing. There are a number of things that can cause this to happen, but it can be incredibly frustrating. This blog will look at a few of the most common causes of why does my youtube keep pausing.

How To Solve The Issue Of Youtube Stops?

1. Upgrade YouTube App

Utilizing obsolete applications causes execution issues as well as security dangers to your telephone.

Outdated applications can’t run as expected with other forward-thinking administrations on your telephone and contain errors and bugs.

On the off chance that you are utilizing an Outdated YouTube application, update it.

Head to the Play Store, and update your YouTube application. This can assist with fixing the issue of youtube stopping playing.

2. Third-party App

A few applications don’t cooperate with other people. Having clashing applications introduced on your gadget can cause incessant mistakes, subsequently, disturbing your web-based insight on YouTube.

This can be a new application you have as of late introduced, antivirus or VPN bringing the hardship

Uninstall the suspected applications or restart your telephone to close every running help.

Whenever your telephone gets back on, open the application and check whether it is as yet stopping arbitrarily stopping the video.

The “Remind Me to Take a break” highlight assists with restricting the overabundance use of YouTube.

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3. Turn off “Remind Me to Take a break

This component is useful, it can obstruct your web-based insight and make YouTube haphazardly stop.

To Turn to Remind Me to Take a server include;

  • Open the YouTube application
  • Press on the profile symbol in the right corner
  • Select Settings
  • Tap General
  • Switch OFF the Remind Me to have some time off button


Applications need sufficient extra room on your telephone to run accurately.

YouTube needs space to store reserve which is pre-stacked as you watch recordings to empower you to watch without the unsettling influence of breaking as you stream.

Space is likewise expected to store downloaded recordings.

Whenever your telephone runs out of adequate room, it can cause issues and make YouTube stop as you attempt to play them.

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5. Disable Extensions

Expansions are valuable additional items to get things, for example, language altering, taking screen captures, done effectively inside a program.

Expansions can too make YouTube continue to stop recordings. Briefly impair expansions and check whether you are as yet getting issues.

To impair Browser Extensions;

  • Press the three-speck symbol in the upper right corner to Open the Menu
  • press More Tools
  • Click Extensions
  • Impair the Extensions

6. Clear Cache

YouTube stores the recordings you recently looked at as a reserve.

Whenever the store continually stacks up, it causes stop back of the application, freezing, crashing, and other execution issues.

Corrupt store documents can be the motivation behind why YouTube stops randomly like clockwork hence clearing them can assist with fixing the issue.

To Clear store

  • Head to Settings
  • Applications/Apps and Notifications
  • Tap YouTube App from the rundown
  • Press Storage and reserve
  • Press Clear store
  • On the off chance that subsequent to clearing reserve you actually face issues, follow similar strides above however this time on the last advance tap clear stockpiling


Youtube has been making changes to improve its service and one of the changes is related to how videos are buffered. Unfortunately, sometimes there can be a few problems with buffering. When you are watching a video and it suddenly pauses, you might wonder why? We hope you have found this blog post to be knowledgeable We often hear from users who have experienced these issues and we are glad we could shed some light on why this happens and how to prevent it. 

Download Youtube videos for free

As we have told you a way to fix the problem of YouTube keeps pausing but what if you have a slow internet connection or no connection at all? Don’t worry today i will tell you a way by which you can easily watch your youtube videos without having an internet connection.

Maybe most of you have guessed already that I am talking about downloading or saving youtube videos offline so that you can watch them later. If you have any video which you want to save or download then you can follow the steps below to do so:-

– Open your browser Go to google and type youtube video download

– Click on the top links, it will ask you for the link to the video

– Go to the video on youtube and copy its link from the share button

– Then Paste that link and select your video quality, then click on the download

Thank you for reaching last! 

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